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About Josh Clark

A lifelong Georgia Republican, Josh Clark married his childhood sweetheart, Chelsey, and together they’re raising six children, ages 6 to 18, on a small farm in Flowery Branch; Josh has coached his kids in baseball, basketball, football, and most recently cross-country.

At age eighteen, he became a distributor for an international nutrition company. Soon thereafter, he scraped together enough money to buy his first investment property. He renovated the house himself and sold it; that launched a successful real estate firm that continues to thrive. Over the last eight years, he has served in an executive role for NeoLife North America, the company for which he began working years ago at age eighteen.

Josh served two terms in the Georgia House of Representatives before stepping aside and returning to private life even though he was unopposed. He and his family attend Christ Place Church in Flowery Branch.

Why Josh is Running:

Josh and his wife, Chelsey, feel God is calling him to step-up and serve once again. “Back in 2002, when Democrats last held Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, I went door to door to build up our state’s Republican party,” Josh explains. “And I will not stand by and see our conservative principles and values go unrepresented in the U.S. Senate once again. I respect my opponents for the GOP nomination; however, as a former Georgia State Representative, I believe I’m the only one with the experience and ability to defeat out-of-touch liberal Raphael Warnock in November. Unlike my opponents, I have the experience to go to work fighting for Georgia on day one.”

Experience to Deliver:

  1. Experienced – He is the only candidate with legislative experience. He served as a State Representative for 2 terms leaving unopposed to return to private life. He signed the term limit pledge.
  2. Proven – He is the only candidate with a proven conservative track record. As a Georgia State Representative, he delivered balanced budgets, cut taxes for Georgia’s families, reduced state debt, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He earned Georgia Right to Life’s and the National Rifle Association’s highest ratings. He also earned the Defender of Liberty Award for consistently voting in support of conservative principles.
  3. Uniter – One of his core strengths is bringing people together without compromising on principles.
  4. Patriot – Since he graduated high school, he’s worked on numerous campaigns and served in many positions within the Republican party helping to get conservatives elected.

Energy to Win:

Josh and his family are committed to the campaign ahead and are in it to win it. They will be crisscrossing the state as a family in a motor home beginning January 15th through November 8th.

Overcome Together rallies and events will be held across 159 counties. Anyone who knows Josh knows he’s passionate and pours relentless energy and determination into whatever he feels called to do.

This isn’t the first challenge of this kind he’s faced. When Josh felt led to run for office at age 30, he faced three opponents, one of which the state newspaper predicted would be the next Governor of Georgia. Josh not only won, but did so in a landslide victory, winning 70/30.


  1. None have legislative experience. The U.S. Senate is a six-year term and the highest legislature in the land. With this current crisis upon us, we can’t afford to roll the dice on unproven candidates.
  2. None have a proven conservative track record. Just because you’re a celebrity, military or bureaucrat doesn’t necessarily mean you are conservative. After all, Washington is in turmoil because the people we elected, who campaigned like conservatives, have repeatedly disappointed us by caving to special interests in Washington.

Together We Will Overcome:

  • Runaway debt approaching $30 trillion
  • Border crisis putting our national security at risk
  • Daily assaults on our freedom
  • Runaway inflation
  • CRT (critical race theory) indoctrination
  • Vaccine mandates
  • Big tech censorship
  • Government expansion
  • Woke cancel culture
  • Defunding of police

Note: See more under Issues

Election Dates:

  1. Primary May 24th – Must win the primary to advance to the general election. 
  2. Run-Off June 21st – If we don’t receive over 50% of the vote, then the top two vote earners go into a run-off.
    Note: The underdog wins 70-80% of the time! 
  3. General November 8th – We face incumbent liberal Democrat Raphael Warnock. When we win, we take back the Senate!

Yes, Josh Clark is a lifelong Georgia Republican who earned the Defender of Liberty Award in 2012 when he served as a State Representative for District 98.

When Josh announced on November 15th, 2021, that he would be running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, he would step away from his Executive position with NeoLife North America that he held for the prior eight years.

Josh Clark also owns a successful real estate firm.

Josh and Chelsey Clark reside on a small farm in the suburbs of Atlanta in Flowery Branch, Georgia, with their six children, ages 6 to 18.

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