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Josh Clark

Republican Josh Clark

His record:

Josh Clark is no stranger to politics. Since the age of 18, he has worked on multiple campaigns alongside his various business endeavors, working to put strong conservatives into public office. Later, God called him to public service. After a seemingly impossible landslide victory, he served two terms as a Georgia state representative, accumulating a several year long record alongside valuable legislative experience before stepping down unopposed. During that period, he consistently voted to maintain a balanced budget, keep government power in check, protect fundamental rights, and defend the lives of unborn children. Proving himself to be a conservative in both words and action.

Republican US Senate Candidate Gary Black


Josh’s business record is an extremely important factor in his qualifications for Congress. The American national debt continues to skyrocket, and with each passing year, the future prospects of young Americans continue to diminish. This must end, and the only way to do that is through responsible fiscal policy that effectively manages money. Poor management will bankrupt a company, and so Josh learned how to wisely apply his limited resources for maximum benefit. As a Senator, this skill will be critical for balancing the budget and getting our debt under control. Additionally, prior legislative experience will make navigating Washington a far simpler task. Having spent 4 years debating, writing, and voting on legislation, Josh is the most qualified person in this race to take on the position of a U.S. Senator. In addition, he is highly electable, with no past baggage for the Democrats to use against him. They will be forced to argue the issues, a fight they are inevitably doomed to lose.

Will he fight for Georgians?

We need a candidate who can be relied upon to treat the office of senator as public service, not an opportunity for personal enrichment. Josh Clark has demonstrated this before when he stepped down from the Georgia legislature with no opposition. He continues to do this with his recent term limit pledge, and subsequent sale of all stocks owned by the Clark family, removing the perverse incentives to remain in Congress. Supported by a strong conservative voting record, Josh is the only candidate in this race who can be counted on to advocate what he believes in 100% of the time, and without regard to political convenience, a trait far too uncommon in today’s government. Georgia needs warriors in government, because make no mistake, this is a war for the future of our nation. Josh can be trusted to take the fight to the Biden administration and their radical agenda, and to push for conservative values no matter what. That is what Georgia needs, not another politician who says all the right things but follows through on only some of it.

Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate Debate Question on Election Integrity (04/09)

The U.S. Senate Candidates on stage in the below video with Josh Clark were Gary Black, Kelvin King, Jonathan McColumn, and Latham Saddler. Herschel Walker was not in attendance.

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