League of Women Voters 2022 Questions

League of Women Voters 2022 Guide Questions

What are the most important challenges facing our country, and how do you propose to address them?

There are three policy areas I am eager to address: individual liberties, a non-existent budget, and our broken borders. From free speech to states’ rights and everything in between, encroaching federal government is out of line and outside the Constitution. It’s time to get back to proper roles! Similarly, Congress must reclaim their fiscal power and make a budget once again. We need some serious spending cuts if we’re going to stop our debt and deficit addiction. Finally, we must address our broken immigration and border policies. It’s time to stop the flow of sex traffickers, drug runners, asylum racketeers, and terrorists crossing into America. We must finish the wall and empower Customs and Border Patrol with the tools they need.

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting access in our country?

There are several measures that must be changed to improve the security, transparency, and integrity of our elections. First and foremost, universal mail-in ballots are a terrible idea! Many states have now found that ballots were mailed to thousands of incorrect voter registrations. Flooding the mail with blank ballots and putting drop boxes on every corner invites cheating and mistakes. Likewise, hiding the counting and review process from the public reeks of corruption. Elections are the mechanism by which We the People make this representative government function. There’s no surer way to disenfranchise voters than to play fast and loose with blank ballots or hide the way they’re counted! These are the first two reforms we must pursue.

What is the US’ responsibility in supporting international institutions such as the United Nations, NATO, and the International Criminal Court?

I believe that it’s important for the United States to have fruitful trade and economic relationships with other nations—not just as an importer, but as an exporter of goods! I also believe that we’re served well by maintaining strong allies across the globe. That said, I am very hesitant, as our founders were, to entangle America politically with international groups. Partnerships like NATO were formed with good reason and a focused intent, but indefinitely submitting to the UN or the ICC is the surest way to give away huge chunks of American sovereignty and autonomy. We should resist international bodies that demand the weakened sovereignty of the United States.

What, if anything, will you do to control the cost of prescription drugs?

The healthcare and drug industries should be centered on patients! Frankly, the reason prescription drug prices are so out of control is because government tried to control it in the first place. Federal regulations may start with good intent, but they often lead to government picking winners and losers. Entire industries can be squelched. Instead of giving special favors to drug companies, I think it’s time for federal government to let the free market send innovation soaring and allow competition to bring quality up and send prices down for every American.

What will you do to support a vibrant economy in our country?

The best thing that Congress can do for our economy is get themselves and bloated, executive agencies out of the way. From OSHA to the EPA to the special interest-driven deals in the House and Senate, our federal government has managed to dry up the roaring American economy in almost every way. We have to stop making it easier and cheaper to ship jobs and wealth overseas. We must foster an environment here at home that releases the economic engine of America to generate jobs and prosperity. It’s time to get rid of unconstitutional mandates, burdensome regulations, and high corporate taxes.

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