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Josh is standing up for Georgians and Georgia families. With your support, we will overcome the dire challenges facing the state of Georgia and our country, together. Your financial support is crucial.

Donation Q & A

A: We need your help to raise our first million by December 31st. In the campaign world, much like the business start-up world, the more money you raise up front translates into increased excitement and momentum resulting in more free press coverage. Strong fundraising will further enforce that we are a strong candidate with the resources to compete and win.

A: An individual can give $2,900 to the primary election, $2,900 to a potential run-off election and $2,900 to the general election for a maximum total of $8,700 each. This means a couple can give a combined total of $17,400.

Note: It’s important to point out that if someone maxes out with a $8,700 contribution and a candidate loses the primary, then 2/3 of the contribution ($5,800) will be returned within 60 days per federal law.

A: Josh and his campaign manager both walked away from their executive roles to fight for America, but they can’t get the message out without your help. Even though they will not be taking salaries there are still a lot of other expenses involved in a statewide race such as; fueling the bus and other travel costs, organizing rallies, purchasing signs and literature, sending mailers, advertising over radio and television and many other expenses.

A: It is important that when we get to the final two stages that we can focus primarily on engaging with voters rather than fundraising. Also, as pointed out earlier the higher gross amount we raise before our 1st filing on December 31st, the more press coverage and momentum we create, making fundraising in the future so much easier.

A: Please direct all donors to go to and either give electronically or follow the instructions to mail a check. Time is of the essence as we need to process as many donations as possible before December 31st so it may be necessary to give online.

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