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This is a volunteer campaign from the top down, starting with Josh & his campaign manager. We need your help to work for victory in Georgia! Will you help (see ways to help) us get out the vote?

Less than a week to go! Please get involved over the next several days and on May 24th.

By providing your phone number, you are consenting to receive recurring calls and texts, including automated calls and texts, to that number from Friends For Josh Clark, Inc.

Ways to Help

1) Call Voters (big need)

Using our mobile app, you'll get a list of GOP voters and a call script. It's so easy!

2) Sign Waving (big need)

We need people to get out to intersections in their area at the busiest times of day to wave signs over the next week, especially on May 24th. Fun to do with family/friends.

3) Help at Events

Commit to looking up a list of events where we need volunteers in their Josh gear, both Liberty Bus Tour stops and any events with many people to pass out push cards.

4) Join the Sign Team

We need individuals across the state committed to installing signs or providing a pickup location for voters to get them from.

5) Apple for Internship/Volunteer Role

This could include multiple other ways you selected to help but let us know how committed you are. Write a comment with skills you have to give. Thanks!

6) Knock on Doors

Using our mobile app, you'll get a list of GOP voters to visit and share about Josh.

7) Promote on Social Media

Commit to visiting Josh's social media accounts to view, like, comment, and share on your social accounts.

8) Host the Liberty Bus

Are you willing to invite your friends, family, and community to visit Josh at your home or reserve a location? We'll work with you to schedule a time.

9) Join Prayer Warriors for Josh

You'll receive a weekly prayer email/text of how you can pray for the campaign and an invite to join a weekly Tuesday Zoom prayer time.

10) Display Yard Sign/Bumper Sticker

Display your support for Josh by displaying a yard sign/bumper sticker to help spread the message about Josh to those around you.
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