How Josh Stands

The Issues

Josh served in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he cut taxes, balanced budgets, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He earned the Defender of Liberty Award for his conservative voting record. He will fight for our values not just with words, but with actions!

3 Primary Issues

1) Liberty

Our Freedom is under assault! We must restore the rule of We the People against a growing federal government and its unconstitutional mandates.

2) Budget

With nearly $30 trillion in debt we MUST balance our budget and stop stealing from future generations.

3) Borders

We must stop the flow of sex traffickers, drugs, criminals, and terrorists from crossing our borders.

All Issues

From free speech and states' rights to religious liberty and the right to bear arms, Josh will fight in the Senate to uphold the Constitution and defend the ENTIRE Bill of Rights! It's time to take action against the overreaching federal government!
The unsustainable printing and spending of money must stop NOW. It's time for Congress to reclaim their Article 1 constitutional power of the purse! The House and Senate must pass a balanced budget and cut off bloated spending. Several bureaucratic agencies should be audited, cut back, and some even eliminated altogether.
Josh will fight to LOWER TAXES, letting Americans keep more of their hard-earned money and encouraging innovation, job creation, and economic growth here in the United States.
Josh will work in Congress to finish the border wall, crack down on illegal crossings, end catch and release, and give Customs and Border Patrol the tools and manpower they need.  Congress also should reevaluate the numbers of legal immigration and asylum seekers to ensure we can protect the American dream for all citizens and immigrants alike! Our sovereignty and prosperity is on the line.
We must stand up and protect women and babies from the predatory, systemically racist abortion industry, and that's what Josh will do in the Senate. Josh is the only candidate in the Senate race endorsed by Georgia Right to Life, and when he gets to Congress, Josh will introduce legislation to protect life from conception to natural death
The family in America is under attack by the radical left who know the fastest way to destroy this country is to indoctrinate and steal our future generations. Josh will stand up for family values in Washington. He will stop the radical Biden-Warnock social agenda and fight back against leftwing bureaucrats running our schools.
It’s absolutely essential that we the people have complete confidence in our elections. I won't shy away from this issue and give political answers!  Yes, the 2020 election was stolen, and in Georgia ballot harvesting was at fault. While we can't go back and change that, we can and should certainly learn from it, so cheaters can never again disenfranchise our voters!
I am passionate about our individual rights and liberties, and my past voting record proves I will uphold and legislate according to the Constitution. As a U.S. Senator, I will always adhere to the 10th amendment. We must stay in our clearly defined lane and stop passing down unconstitutional regulations and unfunded mandates to the states! 
Josh firmly believes that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed! At every opportunity in the scope of gun laws, we must make sure we enable law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Josh will not only stop radical gun control legislation in Congress but restore and promote those parts of our rights that have been taken away.
From social media to college campuses to even government 'disinformation boards,' the assault upon the 1st Amendment has never been more at a fever pitch. We must protect our First Amendment rights, and in Congress I will work to hold Big Tech and our own government accountable to We the People.
Josh believes that public office should be a season of service, not a lifetime career. Josh term limited himself after two terms in the Georgia House and he is proud to be the first candidate in this Senate race to sign the Term Limit Pledge. But make no mistake, also need term limits for unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, too, if we are ever to tackle the corruption in D.C.! 
On February 2, the Josh Clark for U.S. Senate campaign announced that Josh and Chelsey Clark had sold their stock assets. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been embroiled in ‘insider trading’ scandals, including the shocking tens of millions in profits linked to Speaker Pelosi. While Congress debates, Josh Clark took personal action.
Josh believes in allowing parents to pick the school that best fits their child’s needs. His family has made use of all the options including homeschool, public school, and private Christian schools. Many parents have recently been harassed for trying to hold School Boards accountable, resulting in the need for a Parents Bill of Rights which Josh has committed to co-sponsoring when he goes to Washington.
President Trump brought America to true energy independence for the first time in decades, but now gas and energy prices are through the roof as a result of failed policies of Joe Biden & Raphael Warnock. Josh will fight to return America to energy independence for the sake of our national security and American jobs. 
Maintaining a strong national defense and standing up for our greatest heroes should be our top priority. Josh is so proud to have 13 immediate family members, including four brothers on each side, who are serving or have served in the military. Biden’s massive failures on foreign policy and national defense have hurt military morale and weakened our position globally. He must be held accountable.
Josh believes that the vast majority of our country’s law enforcement professionals serve with the utmost integrity. While the radical left cries to defund the police, he will firmly back the blue so our police officers can stay safe while continuing to keep our communities safe.
We must always stand firm with our longtime friend and trusted ally in the Middle East. Josh is proud of President Trump’s bold decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. In the Senate, he will actively engage in building upon and strengthening our relationship with Israel, unlike Raphael Warnock who has repeatedly bashed Israel while praising Palestine.
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