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The Issues

Josh served in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he cut taxes, balanced budgets, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He earned the Defender of Liberty Award for his conservative voting record. He will fight for our values not just with words, but with actions!

3 Primary Issues

1) Fight for Liberty, Not Big Government

Our Freedom is under assault! We must restore the rule of We the People against growing government at every level, and we must protect and restore confidence in our fundamental electoral process.

2) Economy & Red Tape/Regulations

We must simplify Georgia's tax code, eliminiate the income tax, and cut the red tape and regulations that hamper our businesses and make Georgia less competitive.

3) Fight Illegal Immigration

We must stop the flow of sex traffickers, drugs, criminals, and terrorists from our open borders to the so-called "sanctuary cities" in our home state. We must stop the needless death of our young people at the hands of illegal criminals.

All Issues

From free speech and to religious liberty and the right to bear arms, Josh will fight to uphold our founding principles! It's time for states to stand up against the overreaching federal government. It's also time to clean house in our state when it comes to woke, DEI policies. In everything from schools and libraries to healthcare and taxes, we must stop government agents from smothering Georgians with a radical agenda.
In the State Senate, Josh will work hard to do the same. We must strengthen our surplus but not letting up on smart spending and budgeting in Georgia. There is much more we can do to make our state sound and competitive. Even Georgia will benefit from a hard look at agencies and budgets that should be audited, cut back, and perhaps even eliminated to get off the backs of small businesses and working Americans.
Georgia may not be a border state, but we are far from immune from the border's effects. Sanctuary cities invite crime and increased danger on innocent Americans like Laken Riley. Cartels pump opioids from China into our communities that kill more than 100,000 every year. Our nation is being ravaged by the open borders policies of the Biden Administration. Georgia needs to lead, as Texas is doing, in securing the life and liberty of our citizens.
The passage of Georgia’s Election Integrity Act in 2021 was a step in the right direction by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. In the Georgia Senate, Josh will fight to continue securing our elections and making voters confident that their voice will be heard. We cannot allow citizens to lose faith in the cornerstone of our representative republic.
We need to make Georgia competitive, not just for businesses but for individuals as well. Rather than cutting special deals and loopholes, our legislature should make clear cut changes like ending the income tax and radically simplifying our system, much like the Fair Tax plan. We need to let businesses reinvest their profits into growth and individuals invest more into their families.
The right to life is the foundation of our very nation, because without it, what do our liberties even mean? Josh is solidly pro-life, without exceptions. We must stand up and protect women and babies from the predatory, systemically racist abortion industry, and that's what Josh will do in the State Senate. In 2024, he is the only District 49 Senate candidate certified as pro-life by the Georgia Life Alliance.
Josh will fight for family values in Atlanta. He will stand up to the creeping social agenda and will fight back against leftwing bureaucrats running our schools. Faith and family are the bedrock of what has made us great! Whether through direct legislation or use of the influence of his office, Josh will advocate for strong families in Georgia. If we're going to save this nation, we must fight for the family and our future generations.
Josh is passionate about our individual rights and liberties, and he has and always will fight to uphold the checks and balances of our Constitution. Josh's past voting record proves he will uphold and legislate according to both our state and federal constitutions. As a State Senator, Josh will always fight for our 10th Amendment principle which instructs that all "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”
Josh will do everything in his power to restore and promote gun rights and stop radical attempts to strip them away, coming not only from Atlanta but from Washington, D.C. Josh has an "A" Rating from the NRA and is the endorsed candidate in the Georgia 49th Senate race.
We must protect our First Amendment rights, and in our Georgia Senate, Josh will work with whatever mechanisms we have at our disposal to hold Big Tech at bay and our own government accountable to We the People. It's time for states to get serious in protecting our people from censorship and breaches of privacy.
Josh believes that public office should be a season of service, not a lifetime career. Politics has become profitable, financially and in power and influence. It feels like all the wrong kinds of people find their way into office and never leave. It’s time to put a stop to that! Josh term limited himself after two terms in the Georgia House and he is proud to have signed the term limits pledge again in this 2024 State Senate race.
Josh and his wife Chelsey pledge to the people of Georgia that they will not participate in stock trading or financial benefit based on insider knowledge while serving in legislature. Josh believes he serves by the consent of the governed, and should deliver results and stability for We the People, not power and money to themselves.
Critical race theory must never be taught in our schools. It is a divisive indoctrination that is offensive to Martin Luther King’s dream of his children being judged by their character and not by the color of their skin. Instead of working to build bridges that heal the wounds of the past and unite all communities, this harmful ideology divides and destroys. Josh believes in allowing parents to pick the school that best fits their child’s needs
President Trump brought America to true energy independence for the first time in decades, but now gas and energy prices are through the roof as a result of failed policies of Joe Biden and the Congressional Swamp. Josh will fight with every tool at his disposal in the Georgia Senate to stop the rising costs and burdens of energy on the lives of working Georgians. Whatever our states can do to push the federal government back to American energy independence will bring all of us up.
Maintaining a strong national defense and standing up for our greatest heroes should be our top priority. Our federal leadership's massive failures on foreign policy and national defense have hurt military morale and weakened our position globally. They must be held accountable. In the Georgia State Senate, Josh will fight for policies that strengthen our state and support those of our friends and neighbors, like Texas, who are are the forefront of doing the Joe Biden's job since he won't.
While the radical left cries to defund the police, he will firmly back the blue so our police officers can stay safe while continuing to keep our communities safe. In the state legislature, Josh will fight for policies that provide tools, training, and support for our law enforcement — not defunding and derision. He will also fight to hold in check District Attorney's and others who refuse to do their job, or who use their positions for political clout wielding rather than to maintain law and order.
We must always stand firm with our longtime friend and trusted ally in the Middle East. Josh is proud of President Trump’s bold decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. In the years since, Biden's terrible inconsistency in standing with Israel has damaged the credibility of America on the world stage. Any any appropriate opportunity, Josh will use his state platform to promote policies that strengthen America's standing and credibility in the world.
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