America Stands on The Victory Channel (05/17)

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America Stands on The Victory Channel (05/17)

America Stands on The Victory Channel (05/17)

Join Josh LIVE just after 9:30pm on the American Stands show airing on The Victory Channel on Tuesday, May 17th.

About American Stands
When primaries, conventions and elections take place, America Stands educates and informs viewers about candidates, issues and results—all in a spirit of faith! We’re helping viewers get back to the basics of this nation’s Founding Fathers, educating them on how to vote according to biblical values. Our LIVE coverage of election results features up-to-the-minute reporting and commentary from a rotating panel of trusted political experts and prominent special guests. Additionally, the America Stands team provides valuable insights into what’s happening behind the scenes, so we’re ready to stand guard in prayer over every political outcome. Turn to America Stands as your source of election coverage in the spirit of faith!

About Josh
Josh Clark is a business owner, former two-term Georgia State Rep., and recognized Defender of Liberty who is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Josh was raised with the American values of faith in God, hard work & serving others. He resides on a small farm in Hall County with his wife Chelsey and their six children.

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