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Josh Clark

Republican Josh Clark

His record:

Josh Clark is no stranger to politics. Since the age of 18, he has worked on multiple campaigns alongside his various business endeavors, working to put strong conservatives into public office. Later, God called him to public service. After a seemingly impossible landslide victory, he served two terms as a Georgia state representative, accumulating a several year long record alongside valuable legislative experience before stepping down unopposed. During that period, he consistently voted to maintain a balanced budget, keep government power in check, protect fundamental rights, and defend the lives of unborn children. Proving himself to be a conservative in both words and action.


Josh’s business record is an extremely important factor in his qualifications for State Senate. With each passing year, the future prospects of young Georgians and all Americans continue to diminish. Federal government is crushing us under reckless fiscal policies, intrusive and abusive agencies, and the essential collapse of our southern border. We need our States to stand up against this crushing Big Government and protect their citizens. Josh is a fiery Constitutional Conservative, who understands the vital balance of powers our framers struck in America. Georgia has its work cut out for us to continue carving a path forward. We must continue to put forward policies that make us competitive and fiscally sound, that will stop the scourge of Sanctuary Cities, and that will clean out corrupt officials who put Georgia on the map for abuse of power and position. As a businessman and former executive, Josh knows how to craft and support smart fiscal policies to keep us competitive. As a former Representative and lifelong principled conservative, Josh understands what must be done to shut down intrusive, burdensome regulations and return freedom of decisions to the people. As a husband and father, Josh knows too well that Georgia has a responsibility to protect kids from radical indoctrination, protect our daughters from woke ideology, and stop our citizens from being murdered by criminals who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. 

Will he fight for Hall County?

We need a candidate who we can rely on day one to treat the office of senator as a public service, not an assumed personal privilege. Josh Clark has demonstrated this already, term limiting himself from the Georgia legislature with no opposition. He continues to do this with his recent term limit pledge, shedding perverse incentives to remain in the state legislature. Supported by a strong conservative voting record, Josh is the only candidate in this race who can be counted on to stick to what he believes in 100% of the time, and without regard to political convenience, a trait far too uncommon in today’s government. Hall County and all of Georgia, need warriors in government, because make no mistake, we are in a war for the heart and soul of our people. Josh can be trusted to take up the cause of Hall families in Atlanta, and to push for conservative values no matter what. That is what we need, not another politician who says all the right things but follows through on only some of it.

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