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Latham Saddler

Republican Latham Saddler

Who is he?

Latham Saddler is a former Navy SEAL, Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council, and White House Fellow during the Trump Administration. His time in government is entirely restricted to the executive branch, giving him no experience in the legislative arena.
Republican US Senate Candidate Latham Saddler


While there’s no denying Latham’s foreign policy experience or his patriotism, these two things do not ensure success as a legislator. The Constitution’s prescription for Congress focuses on domestic and fiscal policy. Aside from the ratification of treaties or declarations of war in Congress, American foreign policy is dictated almost entirely by the President and his administration, and even more so as the Biden Administration continues to exceed their constitutional authority. As a result, Latham Saddler’s biggest strength lies where he will arguably have the least influence as a Senator. Legislative experience is needed to navigate the halls of congressional power in a way that best helps Georgians.

Latham’s record:

In his youth, Latham voted Democrat, though he later became a registered Republican. Even so, his record remains unclear. Though he worked for President Trump’s administration, his time there gives little insight into his actual views on the most important issues facing our state. Also worrying is the fact that Latham, along with Stacey Abrams, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a long-standing, well-known organization of elitists who operate across the geopolitical landscape to advance their own agenda without regard for national sovereignty. These same globalist ties have strong influence over the Biden Administration and our dangerous current foreign policy. Latham is now running for the highest legislative body in America, while possessing no legislative experience and no prior record that ensures he will live up to the America First principles he claims to hold. He is not a proven conservative.

He has no entrepreneurial experience and his only corporate experience is as an assistant to the CEO of Synovus Bank. This is important because our nation remains under more than 30 trillion dollars of debt, and for that to change, efficient management of money is a critical skill. Experience balancing a checkbook at home does not always correlate to balancing a nationwide congressional budget. It is imperative that we get this right, because future generations will depend upon the skill and responsibility of congresspeople today in removing the crushing debt from their shoulders.

Will he fight for Georgians?

The honest answer is we don’t know, and that’s a problem. The U.S. Senate is a 6-year term, and the people of Georgia cannot afford to get this wrong. We don’t need someone who’s simply ‘better than’ Raphael Warnock, a rubber stamp for Biden’s radical agenda. We need someone who we can rely upon to fight for the issues that matter most! We need someone who will value what’s right and true over what is politically convenient. Latham does not provide that certainty. To choose him as our representative in congress carries too much unnecessary risk, because the next election will not be for another half decade and our vote cannot be undone.

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