The Issue

1st Amendment & Big Tech

Josh has served in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he cut taxes, balanced budgets, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He earned Defender of Liberty Award for his conservative voting record. He combats these issues, with deeds, not just words.

We’re witnessing unprecedented attacks on our Free Speech rights. From social media to college campuses to even government ‘disinformation boards,’ the assault upon the 1st Amendment has never been more at a fever pitch. 

Big Tech monopolies have grown because of protections afforded to them by Congress under Section 230. They’ve used their unbridled power to censor conservative voices they disagree with. Now since the era of Covid, they have done so with support not only from Big Media, but Big Government as well.

We must protect our First Amendment rights, and in our Georgia Senate, Josh will work with whatever mechanisms we have at our disposal to hold Big Tech at bay and our own government accountable to We the People. It’s time for states to get serious in protecting our people from censorship and breaches of privacy. 

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