The Issue

Lower Taxes

Josh has served in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he cut taxes, balanced budgets, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He earned Defender of Liberty Award for his conservative voting record. He combats these issues, with deeds, not just words.

The only thing certain about taxes is that more of them never enriches our economy. Raising taxes, even on the rich, always ends up hurting the American worker. It’s time for Congress to take bold steps in cutting spending and simplifying the tax code. Congress also needs to stand up against Joe Biden’s plan to raise corporate taxes to 28%. This will destroy jobs by pushing more companies overseas. We need to let businesses reinvest their profits into growth, and make it most competitive to put new jobs here in America. 

Josh will fight to LOWER TAXES, letting Americans keep more of their hard-earned money and encouraging innovation, job creation, and economic growth here in the United States. He is proud of his record in the Georgia State House where he cut taxes and helped pass a constitutional amendment to prevent the income tax from being raised in the future.

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