A Letter from Chelsey Clark

“Here’s what you should know about my husband, Josh Clark, before you vote next Tuesday, May 21st.”

I am writing on behalf of my husband, Josh Clark, who is running to be our next State Senator here in Hall County. I’ve known Josh for 40 years, since I was two years old. Yes, I married my preschool sweetheart who I proposed to when I was just five years old! That tender hearted yet strong leader with a bright smile, blue eyes, and blond hair stole my heart. I loved how he boldly led the pack but took time to make sure no one was left out. 


Josh grew up as the oldest of ten children on a small family farm. His father was a pastor and his mother, a teacher, homeschooled him. At an early age he had to step up and take on big responsibilities when his mother lost her health due to an accident. Josh quickly learned life wasn’t about him, but rather about serving. He ran the family farm, helped raise his younger siblings and worked to contribute to the family finances. I’ve always admired watching Josh tackle any challenge. 


Josh is a faithful husband of 22 years and devoted father to our 6 children. We live in Flowery Branch on a small farm on Lake Lanier. Josh has coached our children’s sports teams here in Hall County. He is passionate about mentoring the next generation of patriots. I love serving alongside him in our church and our Serving Is Living family mission trips. Together we have built successful companies that allow Josh to have the freedom to serve full time as our next State Senator. 


Like you, we feel that our family values and quality of life are under attack. We’re all forced to make tough budget choices due to Bidenomics. We worry about our family’s safety with rising crime and sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. These are challenging times where freedom and our children’s prosperity hang in the balance. Josh is a proven conservative who understands our constitution and the biblical foundation our country is built upon! He will actually read every bill before he votes and report back weekly to us as his constituents. Josh is gifted in building relationships without compromising on principle. This is essential to overcoming the radical woke agenda that is eroding our country. We believe healthy families create strong communities. Josh will champion Hall County values of faith, family, and freedom. 


I am asking you to vote for the love of my life, Josh Clark for State Senate in District 49.


God Bless, 

Chelsey Clark

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