“Disinformation Board” Is Where We Must Draw The Line

"Disinformation Board" Is Where We Must Draw The Line

For Immediate Release: April 29, 2022

“Disinformation Board” Is Where America Must Draw The Line

Congress Must Take Immediate Action

Flowery Branch, GA: The Biden Administration announced this week a new “Disinformation Governance Board” in the Department of Homeland Security, tasked with monitoring internet activity and what the White House deems misinformation ahead of the midterm elections. Josh Clark, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following response:

“This new government body should shock the American public. It is absolutely unacceptable to use a federal law enforcement agency to police the thoughts and speech of Americans! This administration has flexed a lot of federal power, but never before has our nation witnessed such a bold totalitarian move.

“As you’d expect also, the so-far-announced leadership of this DHS body are known peddlers of partisan propaganda and political lies. Listening to the past statements of Nina Jankowicz (Biden’s new executive director of ‘disinformation’) about free speech and government power is absolutely shocking. I’m sure the rest of the board’s leadership will no doubt be filled with corrupt bureaucrats who have never faced accountability for their documented lies to We the People.”

Clark concluded, “Where is Congress? A few key players like Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri have spoken up loudly, but surely such a wretched attack on our Constitution is worthy of every single elected representative being up in arms against the executive branch.

“Truly, I can think of no better comparison for this ‘Disinformation Board’ than to the propaganda-driven ‘ministries of truth’ found under brutal fascist and communist dictatorships. This new DHS program must not be allowed to continue. To protect our Constitution and our democratic republic, here is where we must drawn the line and say ‘no.'”


Josh Clark is a business owner, former two-term Georgia State Rep., and recognized Defender of Liberty who is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Josh was raised with the American values of faith in God, hard work & serving others. He resides on a small farm in Hall County with his wife Chelsey and their six children.

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