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Drew Echols

Con to Switch Ballot Names? Support for Illegal Workers?
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Republican Drew Echols

Who is he?

Drew Echols is one of the leaders in a local farming operation and is the husband of outgoing Senator Shelly Echols, who has served one term in the 49th District. Shelley also served, prior to her Senate term, as a Commissioner in Hall County. The Echols have two children. 


Drew Echols has not served in public office. While he is certainly connected with many businesses and associations in the community, he has not yet taken votes or been on-record as a public servant. However, Echols admitted to 11 Alive in 2017 (11Alive YouTube, 11/8/2017) that he hired illegal immigrants. His justification for putting profits ahead of the law and Georgia workers? “I had work to do. I took whoever would show up.” (11Alive, “On US farms, immigration debate is a matter of business,” 11/8/2017)


Drew Echols tried to avoid the hard work of running a real campaign by having his wife secretly hand him the 49th District Senate seat. They told everyone she was running in order to discourage anyone else from jumping in. Then, less than one hour before the state deadline to qualify, the two of them quietly switched names. Their strategy succeeded in stopping three opponents from registering, but one miraculously made it in time. It almost sounds like a movie about like shady politics and last hour backroom deals. 

The press reported that “Making a move like this is intended to allow the hand-picked successor of a retiring incumbent to get the seat uncontested. … Not making any public statements about your intentions and then trying to pull this off at the last minute is, at best, deception. The intention is to hide what you are doing in hopes that no one notices and the new candidate waltzes into office without a challenger.” (Peachpundit.com, 3/8/24

Will he fight for Hall County?

Drew Echols has already signaled that he doesn’t believe this Senate seat belongs to We the People. But that’s not how Hall County or Georgia works. The voters get to elect their representatives, not have the people’s seat handed over from an incumbent to their spouse. Just like any businessman wouldn’t hire someone who tries to skip the interview process, neither will the voters stand for candidates skipping their interview with We the People. We need legislators in Atlanta who will fight for our Hall County values, not those who just fight to stay in office. 

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America is under attack by a mob of illegal immigrants invading our country. Drew Echols’ response? Hire them and encourage more to come! (11Alive YouTube, 11/8/2017)

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