2022 U.S. Senate Candidate

Kelvin King

Republican Kelvin King

Who is he?

Kelvin King is a former Air Force Captain and lifelong businessman now running for the office of senate. He graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served for 5 years before moving into the private sector and eventually starting his own construction firm.
Republican US Senate Candidate Kelvin King


Kelvin’s longstanding military career and successful business record do present a positive picture of his intelligence and patriotism. It also lacks important factors. He has made appearances on cable TV shows to give his take on politics, and engaged in various forms of activism, but Kelvin has no real government or policymaking experience. He has never participated in the legislative process, or any form of government, and is now running for the most powerful congressional office in Georgia. In addition, it is unclear whether his conservative activism is a result of long held values, or a more recent development in his life.


Kelvin’s time in the business sector and military do yield useful experience involving money management and the affairs of our armed forces, but those are only a few of the areas in which Senators will have influence. The U.S. Senate is a highly charged and unforgiving environment even for experienced legislators requiring a variety of social, political, practical, and rhetorical skills to get things done.

Will he fight for Georgians?

With an unclear record of conservative values and no prior experience to prove he will vote that way, Kelvin is a risky pick. Even if he truly stands for conservatism, the lack of experience is likely to hobble his success and reduce his ability to get things done. There’s no need to take that risk, especially when one of Kelvin’s opponents, Josh Clark, is a proven conservative with congressional experience, much more business experience, and multiple family members who currently serve in the military.

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