Josh Clark Announces Bid for U.S. Senate Race



Monday, November 15, 2021

Flowery Branch, GA — Today, business owner and former Georgia State Representative Josh Clark officially launches his campaign for U.S. Senate, sharing his driving reasons and vision.

“Back in 2002, when Democrats last held Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, I went door to door to build up our state’s Republican party,” Josh explains. “And I will not stand by and see our conservative principles and values go unrepresented in the U.S. Senate once again. I respect my opponents for the GOP nomination; however, I believe I’m the only one with the experience and ability to defeat out-of-touch liberal Raphael Warnock in November. Unlike my opponents, I’ll be ready to go to work for Georgia on day one.”

Josh is the only candidate bringing a proven conservative record to the race. As a State Representative, he delivered balanced budgets, cut taxes for Georgia families, reduced state debt, and helped pass pro-life legislation. He received the highest ratings from Georgia Right to Life and the National Rifle Association; he earned the Defender of Liberty Award for consistently voting in support of conservative principles.

Now, he sees conservative bedrocks like education, personal liberty, heritage, security, prosperity, and civility under attack; these threats have called him back to public service. He has a faith-centered vision to help conservatives overcome the challenges they face from runaway government and liberal politicians.

Josh has never been motivated by titles and positions. “Growing up, the ten Clark kids learned to serve,” he says. “My brother and I both served in the Georgia House of Representatives; four of my siblings served in the military. Now, I’m going to Capitol Hill to serve Georgians and fix the mess Democrats are creating in Washington. I’ll serve, do my job, then step aside like I did in the Georgia House. I believe political office should be for just a season, not a career.”

Josh is grounded by Georgia roots. He grew up on a farm in Gwinnett County, the oldest of ten children. “We were the poor the poor talked about,” Josh remembers. “Our parents didn’t take government assistance and there were times we’d eat nothing but beans, rice, cabbage, and Mom’s homemade bread for an entire week or more. But we never let poverty define us. Instead, we made overcoming our defining trait.”

Josh believes overcoming obstacles is a defining trait for many Georgians, which gives him confidence that he and his supporters will succeed in the May 2022 primary and defeat Raphael Warnock on November 8th.”

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About Josh Clark

A lifelong Georgia Republican, Josh Clark married his childhood sweetheart, Chelsey, and together they’re raising six children, ages 6 to 18, on a small farm in Flowery Branch; Josh has coached them in baseball, basketball, football, and most recently cross-country.

At age eighteen, he became a distributor for an international nutrition company. Soon thereafter, he scraped together enough money to buy his first investment property. He renovated the house himself and sold it; that launched a successful real estate firm that continues to thrive. Over the last eight years, he has served in an executive role for NeoLife North America, the company for which he began working years ago at age eighteen.

Josh served two terms in the Georgia House of Representatives before stepping aside and returning to private life even though he was unopposed. He and his family attend Christ Place Church in Flowery Branch.



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