Watergate 2.0: Candidate Drew Echols Caught Entering the Lakeside Home of His Political Opponent Josh Clark

Watergate 2.0: Candidate Drew Echols Caught Entering the Lakeside Home of His Political Opponent Josh Clark

For Immediate Release: May 7, 2024

Security footage shows Mr. Echols entering Josh Clark’s home.

GAINESVILLE, GA: Almost 52 years to the day since Watergate’s infamous break-in, Drew Echols was caught on camera entering the home of his political opponent for similar reasons. At [4:11 pm] on Wednesday, May 1st, candidate Drew Echols entered the home of his political opponent, Josh Clark, without his knowledge or consent. Mr. Echols remained in the home with another unknown individual for nearly 15 minutes. It is unclear why Mr. Echols entered Mr. Clark’s private residence or what he did while inside.

“I am disappointed that my opponent would stoop to this kind of low. We are currently investigating this matter and will report it to the proper authorities once we have more information,” said Josh Clark.

When reached for comment a representative with the property management company issued the following statement, “Allowing a guest who is not listed on the reservation to enter a private residence is in violation of Airbnb rental policy. The guest who rented the property did not get approval for Drew Echols to enter the Clark family property.”

An investigation revealed the following timeline of events:


  • At the time of the incident, Mr. Clark’s family home on Lake Lanier had been rented via Airbnb while Mr. Clark and his family were away.
  • Security footage clearly shows Drew Echols entering Mr. Clark’s home with another unknown man. Neither were registered as guests on the Airbnb reservation, which is strictly required for all reservations.
  • Mr. Echols spent approximately 15 minutes inside Mr. Clark’s home.
  • Video footage shows Drew Echols pulling into Mr. Clark’s driveway in a red Toyota truck. Drew Echols signs were visible in the truck bed. At [4:11pm], Drew Echols and his unknown friend entered the residence. 
  • It is unclear whether anything was taken from the home.

Questions remain as to Mr. Echols’ motives for entering the home of his political opponent. It is also unclear what relationship Mr. Echols has to the man seen entering with him. Any leads or knowledge of the incident would be appreciated. 

The Clark Campaign is issuing a demand for answers to the following questions:

What was the purpose of Mr. Echols entrance into Mr. Clark’s home?
Did Mr. Echols conspire with the individual renting the home in order to gain access to Mr. Clark’s residence without his knowledge or consent?
Did Mr. Echols attempt to gain access to any unauthorized areas of the home?
Did Mr. Echols take photographs while inside the home?
What was in the Bud Light box that was carried in and out? 
Why does Mr. Echols think it is appropriate to enter the home of his political opponent?

The home in question is Mr. Clark’s primary residence on Lake Lanier where he has lived since 2019.  The Clark family rents their home on select weekends in order to help make ends meet in the Biden economy, the same as many other Georgians do.  While the home is rented, Mr. Clark and his family reside in their other home nearby, which is also in Hall County.


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